Xuan Jiang, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow; Faculty Administrator and Assistant Director, Center for Excellence in Writing

Email: xjiang@fiu.edu


Dr. Xuan Jiang earned her B.A. in English from Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China, her M.A. in Foreign Linguistics and Literature from Soochow University, China, her M. Ed. in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from FIU.

Xuan's primary research interests lie in the area of writing studies, in particular, English for Academic Purpose writing, international students' writing, creative and academic writing, cross-cultural contrastive rhetoric, translingualism, and writing center (WC). Her WC research interests include social justice, and mindfulness, writing tutors' translanguaging, professional development, and well-beings. Xuan's research interests also resemble interdisciplinary collaborations (e.g. TESOL and Literacy, TESOL and STEM), transnationalism in education, underrepresented students' challenges, and pedagogical scaffoldings to all students in public schools.