Loren Bass


AWED Theater


LOREN BASS​ (Lonny) has been a professional actor for over 40 years from New York to Los Angeles and numerous stops in between. Performances include: (Stanley)​ A Streetcar Named Desire​, (Treves) ​The Elephant Man, ​(George)​ Of Mice and Men​, (Marc)​ Art, ​(Robert) ​A Life in the Theatre,(Rosencrantz)​ Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead​, (Finzi)​ Tamara, ​(Otto Frank)​ Diary of Anne Frank,​ (Styler)​ Mind Game​, (Emperor Joseph II)​ Amadeus,​ (Earl of Leicester)​ Mary Stuart​, (Judas)​ The Passion, a​nd (Tom)​ The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin​. Shakespearean characters include Macbeth, Richard III, Iago, Brutus, Petruchio, Lysander, Mercutio, Malvolio, Marc Anthony, and Jacques. Films: ​Gifted Hands, Kill the Irishman, Street Boss, AKA Jimmy Picard, Ocean of Pearls, War Flowers, Batman vs. Superman, and It Follows.