Jennifer Sheridan, Ph.D.

Executive and Research Director, Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI), University of Wisconsin-Madison


Dr. Jennifer Sheridan received her PhD from the Department of Sociology at UW-Madison in August 2001, specializing in social stratification and quantitative research methods. Her graduate work focused on the social origins and implications of occupational sex segregation. Her publications cover topics such as measurement of occupational standing, long-term effects of childhood abuse, and her current line of inquiry, the status of women in science and engineering.

As WISELI's executive and research director, Dr. Sheridan develops and oversees the workshops and grant programs administered by WISELI, as well as the research and evaluation produced by WISELI including five waves of the Study of Faculty Worklife climate surveys. She is a member of the WISELI team that is nationally-recognized for educating faculty about unconscious/implicit bias in academic settings, including the hiring process. The WISELI team designed and has delivered over 100 faculty workshops related to implicit bias on the UW-Campus since 2004, and has delivered workshops or talks on the topic to over 40 campuses or groups of campuses outside UW-Madison since 2005.