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Maria Reid, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Lecturer




Dr. Maria Reid was born in Birmingham UK to Jamaican and Barbadian parents and emigrated to Guyana, South America at age 9. There, she attended the prestigious Bishops’ High School and Queen’s College before emigrating to The Bronx, New York at age 18. She graduated summa cum laude from Manhattan College, Riverdale with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Dr. Reid worked many years with the renowned researcher, Dr. Randy Lopachin at Montefiore Hospital, conducting animal studies research on the toxicology of Acrylamide. In 2003, Dr. Reid began studies in Psychology, first earning a second bachelor’s degree from Lehman College, CUNY NY, and then a master’s and Ph.D. from Florida International University.

She is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Florida International University. She is the chair of a Faculty-Peer teaching committee and Center for the Advancement of Teaching Fellow. Her current research in developmental psychology centers around fatherhood, marital relationships and teaching and learning. Dedicated to give back, Dr. Reid’s charitable organization, CAMARE, has created a scholarship for underprivileged Afro-Guyanese students at Bishops’ High School. Dr. Reid spends much of her time mentoring graduate and undergraduate students, and has received honors and awards for teaching and student engagements.