AWED Theater Workshops

Equity in Tenure and Promotion

ON THE LINE is an interactive workshop focused on a living case study that interactively engages participants on ways they can mitigate bias and equity in tenure and promotion practices. In the first half of the workshop, professional actors portray a subtle and complex scenario involving a department's executive committee formally discussing whether one of their junior colleagues should be awarded tenure. The post-performance workshop focuses on the five steps of the AWED's Bystander Leadership program and behavioral response options, allowing participants to unpack issues and practice interventions. ON THE LINE has been presented nationally, both in-person and through live Zoom performances.

Equity in Search Processes

THE SEARCH is an interactive workshop that examines the complexities and dynamic tensions of a faculty search process. Professional actors perform research-based scenes in reverse order of a chronological traditional job search, beginning with the onboarding of the final candidate and ending at the assembling of the search committee. By presenting the search process in reverse of events, attendees have the opportunity to examine the departmental climate and processes as an investigator, making connections and identifying how interactions and dynamics may negatively impact departmental processes. An interactive facilitated discussion following the sketch includes an opportunity to question characters publicly and privately about their motivations.

Addressing Microaggressions

BYSTANDER INTERVENTION draws on principles of performance and research to explore bystander dynamics and mediation strategies in the context of micro (individual) and macro (departmental) communication, policies, and processes. Attendees have the opportunity to witness subtle, dynamic scenes as a method to examine the bystander experience in real-time. By exploring their own reactions through interactive dialogue and reflective tools, observers can “enter” scenarios and practice strategies for addressing moments and subtle aspects of departmental climate.

Addressing Burnout in Medicine

FIVE DAYS TO FRIDAY uses the power of theater and dance to unpack the unseen stressors (gender bias and expectations, mental health stigma, toxic/ unsupportive work environments) that all-too-often threaten the health and well- being of health care professionals. The story follows a prominent general surgeon and chief resident as they attempt to navigate a week of familiar challenges related to their professional and personal life. A talk-back will take place following the 45-minute production that explores the themes addressed in the play in addition to resources and strategies focused on building a healthier culture of medicine.