College Equity Advisors

The College Faculty Equity Advisor is the principal liaison between his or her College and the Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity (AWED), and is jointly appointed by AWED and the Dean. 

The College Equity Advisor works with the Dean’s leadership team to participate in strategic planning for benchmarking, implementation strategies, and outcomes assessment for increased faculty diversity. This includes working with College Search and Screen committees for faculty hires on strategies to recruit a diverse pool and best practices for evaluating and interviewing candidates, acting as a resource for helping departments develop, implement, and track progress on their diversity and inclusion plans, and helping to identify and train Diversity Advocates.

College Equity Advisors support the university-wide mandate to:

  1. To increase the representation of faculty from historically underrepresented groups (URGs), such as women in STEM, African-American and Hispanic-American faculty in all fields.
  2. To provide an equitable and supportive institutional climate for underrepresented groups ie, women, racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ people, and persons with disabilities) at the faculty and graduate and undergraduate student levels.
  3. To ensure a welcoming environment for all faculty, students, and staff.

The current College Equity Advisors are