Diversity Mentor Professorships

FIU’s Diversity Mentor Professor Program is a special initiative to recruit multiple excellent STEM faculty to FIU who have a history of and commitment to the mentorship of women and underrepresented minority students in STEM, particularly Hispanic-American and African-American students. 

From left: Diversity Mentor Professors Svetlana Roudenko and Daniela Radu, and AWED Associate Provost Suzanna Rose

Diversity Mentor Professors will participate in FIU’s NSF-funded ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Projects that focus on increasing faculty diversity and inclusion, mentoring, advocacy, and leadership activities.

Candidates are asked to submit a Diversity Statement with their applications. Guidelines for writing a diversity statement are available here.

Successful candidates will have outstanding records of scholarly publications, research support, and teaching, and demonstrated evidence of effective mentoring of women and minority graduate and undergraduate students in STEM.

Read more about the program and professors Svetlana Roudenko and Daniela Radu in the FIU News article "FIU launches diversity mentor professorships in STEM."

At the 7th Annual FIU Donor and Scholar Recognition Breakfast, Patricia L. Garcia '21, a scholarship recipient majoring in mechanical engineering, discussed the Diversity Mentor Professorship initiative and its impact on her as a woman pursuing a career in STEM.