STRIDE Hiring Leaders Workshop Attendees

This STRIDE workshop is required for all upper-administration (dean and above) search committee members.

The attendance year shown is the beginning of that academic year (AY). Those who took a workshop in Fall 2021, Spring 2022, or Summer 2022 will show up with an attendance year of 2021, for example, and would need to renew in AY 2025.

STRIDE Hiring Leaders Workshop Attendees
Iqbal Akhtar2022Religious Studies
Alejandro Alvarado2022Journalism and Media
Atilda Alvarido2020Provost
Elizabeth Anderson2022Earth and Environment
Emmanuele Archange2022Human Resources
Astrid Arraras2022Politics and International Relations
Melissa Baralt2022Modern Languages
Ana Maria Bidegain2020Religious Studies
Pedro Botta2022International and Public Affairs
Agatha Caraballo2020Public Policy and Administration
Ligia Collado-Vides2022Biology
Jose Miguel Cruz2022Latin American and Caribbean Center
Lisa Davis2023Law
Shlomi Dinar2020International and Public Affairs
Brian Fonseca2020Public Policy
Eduardo Gamarra2022Politics and International Relations
Clayton Goldstein2020Wellness and Recreation
Manuel Gomez2022Law
Sandra Gonzalez-Levy2020External Relations
Kimberley Green2020International and Public Affairs
Guillermo Grenier2020Global and Sociocultural Studies
Myah Havertong2022Criminology and Criminal Justice
Tatiana Kostadinova2020Politics and International Relations
Ashley Kuntz2022Educational Policy Studies
Besiki Kutateladze2020Criminology and Criminal Justice
Kaily LaChapelle2022GSA Representative
Howard Lipman2020Advancement
Paulo Olivas2023Earth and Environment
Javier Francisco Ortega2022Biological Sciences
Okezi Otovo2022History
Mark Padilla2022Global and Sociocultural Studies
Ronaldo Parente2022International Business
Mihaela Pintea2022Economics
Eliot Pedrosa2022International and Public Affairs
Alexander Rubido2020Board of Trustees
Michael Samway2020International and Public Affairs
Brian Schriner2020Communication, Architecture + The Arts
Jennifer Sheran2020International and Public Affairs
Althea "Vikki" Silvera2022Special Collections
Benjamin Smith2022Global and Sociocultural Studies
Clayton Solomon2020International and Public Affairs
Carleen Vincent-Robinson2020International and Public Affairs
Agusta Vono2022International and Public Affairs