Search Advocates

The Search Advocate Program provides advanced training for one member of each faculty search committee concerning methods to expand the diversity of the candidate pool. It was initiated in 2018-2019 with search committees for tenure-line hires in STEM & SBS. 

Search Advocates will help with extra recruitment efforts aimed at direct & personal contact & encourage the utilization of best practices in evaluating diverse applicant pools. They will guide the committee in ensuring that the search process is free of bias or stereotyping of applicants in verbal or written communication, that candidates are evaluated fairly, that similar opportunities for each candidate are provided, & that interview procedures treat all applicants consistently.

The attendance year shown is the beginning of that academic year (AY). Those who took a workshop in Fall 2021, Spring 2022, or Summer 2022 will show up with an attendance year of 2021, for example, and would need to renew in AY 2025.

List of Search Advocates
Deborah Abel2021Dietetics & Nutrition
Erin Abernethy2021Earth & Environment
Jessie Abouarab2021Women and Gender Studies
Miguel Aguirre-Urreta2021Information System & Business Analytics
Shweta Akhouri2023Medical Education
Iqbal Akhtar2021Religious Studies
Maikel Right Alendy2022Honors College
Hesham Ali2020Civil & Environmental Engineering
Leila Allen2021Psychology
Tim Allen2019Psychology
Priyanka Alluri2022Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jose Almirall2021Chemistry
Brenton Alston2021Music
Erasmo Alvarez2022Physical Therapy
Mohammadhadi Amini2021Computing & Information Sciences
Jackie Amorim2019English
Frederick Anderson2022Humanities, Health & Society
Matthew Anderson2023Biology
Tawia Ansah2020Law
Astrid Arraras2021Politics & International Relations
Rokeshia Ashley2021Communication
Lathan Austin2021Marketing & Logistics
Timothy Aylsworth2021Philosophy
Rebecca Bakker2022Libraries
Hyejin Bang2020Counseling, Recreation & School Psychology
Chris Baraloto2021Biology
Melissa Baralt2020Modern Languages
Brian Barker2021Hospitality & Tourism Management
Armando Barreto2021Electrical & Computer Engineering
Richard Beaulaurier2022Social Work
Benjamin Bellas2023Art & Art History
Jacob Berglin2020Music
Judith Bernier2022Center for Labor Studies
Janki Bhimani2021Computing & Information Sciences
Marcelo Bigliassi2021Teaching & Learning
Tim Birrittella2020Marketing & Logistics
Stephen Black2021Environmental Health Sci
Jesse Blanchard2021Earth & Environment
Charles Bleiker2021Teaching & Learning
Leonardo Bobadilla2020Computing & Information Sciences
Ben Boesl2019Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Rodolfo Bonnin2023Medicine
Lisa Brinn2021Biological Sciences
Ellen Brown2021Nursing
Brooke Buckman2022Global Leadership and Management
Shanna Burke2022Social Work
Vicki Burns2021Center for Women & Gender Studies
Isaac Burt2021Counseling, Recreation & School Psychology
Charles Buscemi2021Nursing Graduate
Enrique Caboverde2022Cataloging
Carmen Caicedo2021Nursing
Lisa Cain2022Hospitality & Tourism Management
Julio Capo, Jr.2021History
Agatha Caraballo2020Public Policy & Administration
Molly Castro2021GIS Center & Digital Collection
Alessandro Catenazzi2019Biological Sciences
Rita Cauce2021Libraries
Mido Chang2021Counseling, Recreation & School Psychology
David Chatfield2020Chemistry
Rebecca Christ2021Teaching & Learning
Trevor Cickovski2022Computing and Information Sciences
Davina Clarke2021Communication
Catherine Coccia2022Dietetics & Nutrition
Ligia "Claudia" Collado-Vides2019Biological Sciences
Laurel Collins2021Earth & Environment
Wim Cosyn2021Physics
Gwyn Davies2022History
Debra Davis2021Knight Foundation School of CIS
Natalie Del Sol Nunez2022Engineering Dean's Office
Milagros Delgado2021Chemistry
Victor Delgado2023Nursing Undergraduate
Jessy Devieux2022Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Anthony Dick2021Psychology
Darryl Dickerson2022Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Charles Dimitroff2021Translational Medicine
Sandrine Docgne2021Finance
Lori Driver2021Libraries
Ian Dryden2022Math & Statistical Studies
Maria Echarri2021Communication
Mohamed Elzomor2022Construction Management
Kevin Evans2021Politics & Intl Relations
Andrea Fanta2022Modern Languages
Jose Faria2022Construction Management
Clement Fatovic2020Politics & International Relations
Sofia Fernandez2021Social Work
H. Scott Fingerhut2021Law Dean Administration and Faculty
Marisol Floren2021Law Library
Maria Clara Franco2023Cell Biology and Pharmacology
Howard Frank2021Public Policy & Administration
Lisa Fryar2022Nursing Undergraduate
Hector Fuentes2021Civil & Environmental Engineering
Inae Caroline Gaddotti2021Physical Therapy
Luis Galarza2021Electrical & Computer Engineering
Anthony Galaska2022Theatre
Albert Gan2021Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nana Aisha Garba2021Humanities, Health, and Society
David Garber2019Civil & Environmental Engineering
Piero Gardinali2021Southeast Environmental Research Center
Kianoush Gholamiboroujeni2021Computing & Information Sciences
Tim Goddard2021Criminal Justice
John Gonzalez2023Law
Veronica Gonzalez2022Digital Collection
Vanessa Gordon2022Nursing Graduate
Eric Gormley2021Collection Development & Resource Access
Harry Gould2021Politics & International Relations
Paulo Graziano2021Psychology
Christine Gregory2021English
Rob Guerette2021Criminology & Criminal Justice
Hai Guo2021Public Policy & Administration
Lei Guo2022Physics
Manjul Gupta2021Information Systems & Business Analytics
Hyeyoung Hah2022Information Systems & Business Analytics
Tessa Haspil-Corgan2021Humanities, Health, and Society
Kellen Hassell2021Health Services Administration
Larry Herde2021English Language Institute
Oren Hertz2021Hospitality
Jessica Heybach2022Educational Policy Studies
Deidra Hodges2021Electrical & Computer Engineering
Nola Holness2021Nursing Undergraduate
Muhammad Hossain2022Environmental Health Science
Jerry Hower2021Center for Transfer Teaching Math
Nan Hu2021Biostatics
Gladys Ibanez2021Epidemiology
Flavia Iuspa2021Teaching & Learning
W. Ryan James2021Institute of the Environment
Clinton Jenkins2021Earth & Environment
Hiayang Jiang2019Earth & Environment
Xuan Jiang2021Center for Excellence in Writing
Christopher Jimenez2022Information and Research Service
Santiago Juan-Navarro2021Modern Languages
Suman Kakar2022Criminology and Criminal Justice
Elana Karshmer2021Libraries
Kamal Kedel2020Physics
Golam Kibria2021Mathematics & Statistics
Barbara King2022Teaching & Learning
Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch2021Hospitality & Tourism Management
Ethan Kolek2021Education Policy Studies
Phyllis Kotey2021Law
Qing Lai2022Global and Sociocultural Studies
Onelia Lage2021Humanities, Health & Society
Elwood Kwong Lam2021Chemistry
Erik Larson2020Religious Studies
Kingsley Lau2021Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jae Hoon Lee2021Marketing & Logistics
Frank Lefevre2021Translational Medicine
Samantha Lemus-Martinez2021Psychiatry & Behavioral Health
Arturo Leon2021Civil & Environmental Engineering
Joseph Lichter2021Chemistry
Cheng-Xian Lin2021Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Zhenguo Lin2021Real Estate
Jason Liu2020Computing & Information Sciences
Yu Liu2020Communication
Tania Lopez2019English
Ramon Lopez de la Vega2021Chemistry
Stephanie Lunn2022SUCCEED
Gregory Maloney2021Marketing and Logistics
Pete Markowitz2021Physics
Matthew Marr2021Global & Sociocultural Studies
Yamile Marrero2022Health Services Administration
Rodrigo Martinez2021Athletic Training
Lilliam Martinez-Bustos2022Journalism and Media
Mireya Mayor2021College of Arts Science & Education
Melissa McCartney2022Biology
Angela Medina2021Communication Sciences & Disorders
Armin Mehrabi2019Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ronald Mesia2022Marketing & Logistics
DeEtta Mills2021Biology
Jennifer Mirabal2021Teaching & Learning
Tala Mirzaei2022Information Systems and Business Analytics
Suchi Mishra2020Finance
Anthony Miyazaki2021Marketing & Logistics
Steven Moll2021Hospitality
Andrew Moreo2021Hospitality & Tourism Management
Carmen Muller-Karger2021Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Giri Narasimhan2022Knight Foundation School of CIS
Adel Nefzi2023Cell Biology and Pharmacology
Diann Newman2021Hospitality
Gabriel Odom2021Biostatistics
Deidre Okeke2022Environmental Health Sciences
Wallied Orabi2021Moss Construction Management
Javier Francisco-Ortega2019Biological Sciences
Lauren Ortega2022Counseling, Recreation and School Psychology
Jan Osei-Tutu2022Law
Larry Jamie Ousley, Jr.2020Music
Mesut Ozgen2021Music
Mark Padilla2021Global & Sociocultural Studies
Cristina Palacios2021Dietetics & Nutrition
Keyao Pan2022History
Marina Pareja2020Theatre
Karen Paul2021International Business
Silvia Pease2022Art and Art History
Patricia Pereira-Pujol2022Information and Research Service
Terrence Peterson2021History
Mihaela Pintea2021Economics
Alicia Pola2019Counseling, Recreation & School Psychology
Nipesh Pradhananga2021Moss Construction Management
Anamika Prasad2022Biomedical Engineering
Rene Price2022Earth and Environment
Allie Qiu2019English
Heather Radi-Bermudez2020Communication
Sharan Ramaswamy2021Biomedical Engineering
Gilbert Ramirez2021Health Policy & Management
David Ramsey2021Moss Construction Management
Andrea Raymond2021Immunology
Alice Read2023Architecture
Maria Reid2020Psychology
Jennifer Richards2019Biological Sciences
Rachel Ritchie2021Psychology
Maria Rodriguez Mora2021Biological Sciences
Raymond Rody2021Marketing & Logistics
Patricia Rojas2021Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Monique Ross2020Computing & Information Sciences
Kelley Rowan2021GIS Center & Digital Collection
Valerie Russell2020Counseling, Recreation & School Psychology
Rosemary San Nicolas2022Psychology
Carrie Sanchez2022Information Systems and Business Analytics
Mariana Sanchez2021Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Ozzie Santiestevez2022Nursing Undergraduate
Daniel Saunders2019Educational Policy Studies
Amelia Saul2021Counseling Recreation & School Psychology
Elizabeth Scarbrough2019Philosophy
Eric Scarffee2022Philosophy
Gretchen Scharnagl2021Honors College
Karen Schmal2021Enterprise & Log Eng Program
Thomas Scicluna2022Art and Art History
Leonard J. Scinto2019Earth & Environment
Stephen Secules2019SUCCEED
Eric Scarffe2022Philosophy
Oleksii Shandra2022Biomedical Engineering
Paul Sharp2020Biological Sciences
Mst Shamim Ara Shawkat2021Electrical & Computer Engineering
Diana Sheehan2022Epidemiology
Nathaly Shoua-Desmarais2021Psychiatry & Behavioral Health
Maria Shpurik2022Psychology
Randal Silbiger2021Humanities, Health & Society
Caroline Simpson2022Physics
Jayati Sinha2021Marketing & Logistics
Jeanette Smith2021Religious Studies
Vanessa Sohan2019English
Rafael Soltero2021Marketing and Logistics
Hemang Subramanian2021Information Systems & Business Analytics
Elizabeth Suergiu2021SEAS
Ha Ta2021Marketing & Logistics
Minye "Michael" Tang2021Accounting
Berrin Tansel2021Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kimberly Taylor2021Marketing & Logistics
Paige Telan2020Psychology
Lesley-Ann Timlick2021Theatre
Hannibal Travis2021Law
Andres Tremante2022Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Maria Tsalikis2020Teaching & Learning
Megan Turner2021Teaching & Learning
Arun Upadhyay2022Finance
Debra Vander Meer2022Information Systems & Business Analytics
Shahin Vassigh2021Architecture
Shane Vaughan2020Athletic Training
Pushyamitra Veeramachaneni2023Law
Michael Vitenson2023Music
Maria Elena Villar2021Communication
Carleen Vincent-Robinson2020Criminology & Criminal Justice
Patricia Waikel2021Biology
Ochieng "Fred" Walumbwa2021International Business
Lufan Wang2022Moss Construction Management
Wei Wang2020Mathematics & Statistics
Ting Wang2023Environmental Health Sciences
Trey Watson2021Teaching & Learning
Donna Aza Weir-Soley2020English
Sheryl Weir-Thompson2021Marketing & Logistics
Mark Weiss2022Computing & Information Sciences
Erin Weston2020Religious Studies
Cayce Wicks2019English
Courtney Wilson2021School of Social Work
Kirsten Wood2022History
Albert Wukaku2021Religious Studies
Michael Yawney2020Theatre
Ochieng "Fred" Walumbwa2021Management & International Business
Samira Zad2023Computer Science
Yuying Zhang2021Biology
Ruilan Zhao2021English
Ioannis Zisis2021Civil & Environ Engineering